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LLMSWs & LLBSWs Needing Supervision

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Workplace (where): Technology workplaces are evolving from location-centric to relationship-oriented. The geographic location of the work will vary, and workspaces should be redesigned to maximize collaboration, productivity, and cocreation. When extended to a network of geographic locations, including virtual offices, coworking spaces, and traditional office spaces, seamlessly integrated technologies such as collaboration and digital reality tools can help facilitate and support connections among humans and machines.

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Clarity of roles and organization structure to support the new disciplines can help leaders make a smooth transition. For example, the average technology organization might have hundreds of project managers and application developers. Executives can understand, assess, and communicate the new skills and tools these roles will need, and identify individual road maps based on current competencies, future potential, and passion.

The evolution of the work and workforce should be supported by targeted location strategies, as well as flexible physical and virtual workplaces. Fixed, uncompromising workplaces may need to evolve to virtual workplaces that leverage advanced mobility and connectivity, collaboration tools, and emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality that help improve collaboration and integrate workers from all segments of the open talent continuum.

Of course not. You can jack a dude's face up pretty good with an average bamboo fan with the right training, but take care: That portable cooling system could actually be a well-disguised iron fan, also known as a tessen. The iron fan was commonly used by female ninjas to mutilate any poor bastard dumb enough to attack them with something as brutish and pedestrian as a sword. The spokes were made of sturdy wood or hardened metal, and they made excellent deflection tools, as well as cutting instruments.

Bruce Lee perfected the technique, rather uncreatively called the one-inch punch, because he was a fighter, not a wordsmith. Lee proved the legitimacy of the move on several occasions, demonstrating both in front of (and upon the asses of) cynics.

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (right) working on SMiLE, 1966. But as 1967 dawned, Brian proved incapable of completing 'Heroes And Villains', reworking it several times and constantly adding new sections. The other Beach Boys, alarmed at the avant-garde turn the music was taking, and concerned that it would be virtually impossible to reproduce on stage, rounded on Brian. In the Spring, Van Dyke Parks, disturbed by these developments, left the project. Eventually, perhaps feeling that his creative vision was now fatally compromised, Brian scrapped SMiLE, dramatically scaling down his ambitions at the same time. He stopped recording with the Wrecking Crew at external studios and had one built instead in his home. In early Autumn 1967, the homespun, much simplified Smiley Smile was released, and failed to crack the US Top 40. A partially re-recorded, shortened single version of 'Heroes And Villains' had already dropped off the charts.


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