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LLMSWs & LLBSWs Needing Supervision

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Widely accepted as an approach to defining coastal performance (Frank, 2000 1605 ), the long-term risk of coastal performance can be measured against a risk-based budget or resilience-based budget, where the former requires assessing the rate of development of sensitive infrastructure, and therefore likely adaptation actions and costs (Fowler et al., 2015 1606 ). The risk-based budget looks at the projected rate of change of performance, expressed as a risk-based metric, which can be reduced through implementation of the many adaptation options available. Performance needs to be measured in the context of a specific storm event. The most common metric employed is the tax, the additional cost of an event. This is a simplistic metric which does not allow for potential synergies between different adaptation measures. More complex metrics, used by, for example, the US Army Corps of Engineers, are based on potential loss of life rather than just the cost of re-designing properties or infrastructure that are already built and operating (Goldstein and Trenberth, 2013 1607 ; Bonanno and Vecchia, 2010 1608 ; Donegan et al., 2009 1609 ; Rothman et al., 2011 1610 ). For example, it may be possible to design buildings with reinforced walls and extensive foundations with minimal additional costs.

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