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[S1E8] The Cold Truth ((BETTER))

The abuse of children is not a subject that dramas readily portray, and a great deal of care has gone into presenting the issue. We were introduced to the idea of flashback scenes involving Kasper a few episodes ago. The scenes set in the past and the present are lit differently too: the flashbacks take a warmer tone while the contemporary scenes are lit in flat, bleak, cold tones: they come together at the (blue) crematorium where the coffin is set on fire. For Kasper this is the one chance he has to visit any kind of vengeance on his father, and yet the episode shows him distracted by a lesser and more recent crime.

[S1E8] The Cold Truth

Anyone being targeted, looking over their shoulder, et al., would have checked the entire room while in the presence of someone else. It's difficult for me to believe that she wouldn't have found Miranda out cold and Feliks standing above her in the tub.

It was an unfortunate direction, but it did allow us to learn the truth about Shane, a character who spent most of his time on the periphery. Working for the CIA and investigating Megan made a lot of sense in the end.

Flint emerges from his cabin and tells Dufresne and the others that Gates's heart has given out and that he has died. He then orders Logan to tell the Ranger about the battle plan. When Dufresne enters the cabin to view Gates's body, Silver is there waiting for him. Silver attempts to talk sense to Dufresne and asks Dufresne what good can come from telling the truth about Flint to the crew at a moment such as this, when they are about to go into battle against a Man O' War. Dufresne appears to agree and walks back out onto the deck and tells Flint the best way to go about pretending to be a Spanish merchantman.

Meanwhile, Ashley and her mother are training together at the indoor shooting range. Due to Ashley's recent silent behavior, Magnus tries to have a talk with Ashley about John Druitt being her father. Ashley eventually tells her mother that what really hurt her was the fact that it wasn't Magnus who told her the truth.

Inside, Holden says the beer he got is no longer cold, so Debbie puts them in the freezer. He says he would have picked her up, but she says it's too far out of his way. Her car is in the shop for maintenance, which surprises Holden. She seized her engine because she forgot to put oil in it.

Susan learned, from Lee Wax, that Dern was having a memoir ghostwritten where Dern cast herself as the hero and Susan as the villainess. Mailer contacted Cynthia and threatened to turn herself in and go public with the whole truth. Dern responded by inviting her to the hotel. It was Cynthia who had rented the hotel and filled the bathtub with motor oil. Cynthia planned on giving Susan the spiked drink, then drowning her in the motor oil and making it look like a suicide by a deranged villainess haunted with guilt. A situation which would leave Cynthia free to spin the story however she liked. However, Mailer refused the wine and became suspicious. When she found the motor oil in the bathroom, she realized Cynthia's plan. The two fought and Dern was knocked unconscious. Desperate to return to her hidden life, Susan drowned Cynthia instead. Susan confesses to everything.

As he walks away, the girl asks when they will be able to bury her Father. David shares a brief stare with James (Troy Baker) before telling her that the ground is currently too cold to dig, and they will give him a burial in Spring. 041b061a72


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