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LLMSWs & LLBSWs Needing Supervision

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Dying Light Developer Tools Downloadl

Beta starts December 13, 2022. PC platforms (Steam and Epic Games Store) will have access to official mod support. All players can view submitted and approved custom maps via the Dying Light 2 - Developer Tool launcher, or directly by visiting

Dying Light Developer Tools Downloadl

In order to submit your custom map for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, creators will be required to sign in to using the Developer Tools. Account creation allows creators and subscribers to add custom maps to their mod collection. The process is simple and requires email authentication for the user. Once a user account has been created, players can browse, rate, comment on, and subscribe to Developer Tools at Custom maps submission is available exclusively via the Map Editor program.

I have no idea if it is the complete game, but I post it because I see that many users are using these keys to create giveaways on the site.This is not really the game itself, just some tools for developers to make maps.

Ah, so in the days before software assistance on those tasks, there were never any mistakes, oversights, or omissions? If anything, software has proven to be vastly more reliable than humans. And ultimately it's still the humans' responsibility for these failures whether or not any software was involved.Meanwhile, in a world where warranty disclaimers are not allowed (remember, that was the point of this discussion) then _all_ software must be written to "safety-critical" standards. Indeed, all _devices_ must be created and held to that standard too, because *there is no legal or practical difference whether or not software is involved* And even then, there have to be limits to that warranty, because people can and will do stuff that you didn't think of, or outright told them not to!Being able to disclaim warranties is the only reason Java exists, for example -- in the original JDK EULAs it explicitly stated that it is not suitable for use in safety critical systems or controlling nuclear reactors. Let's say you went ahead and wrote the control systems in Java anyway, and a meltdown happened leading to thousands getting sick or dying, because of a use-after-free in the JRE led to a total system crash. Are you saying the authors of Java should be liable for what happened? If your answer is anything other than "of course not", you are agreeing that warranty disclaimers have their place. Open source community split over offer of 'corporate' welfare for criticaldev tools (Register) Posted Dec 5, 2022 14:40 UTC (Mon) by khim (subscriber, #9252) [Link]

It's more than that - the underlying rule is that you must not confuse a "reasonable person" into thinking that your product is useful for a purpose that you disclaim warranty on. The net effect is that advertising of a product, sales literature, manuals and more can result in your "disclaimer of warranty" being worthless - either you act like a given use is not intended, or you're potentially liable for problems when it's used that way.This has, for example, caught out manufacturers of 4WD vehicles that aren't designed to go off-road in hazardous terrain - they've shown ads of the vehicle off-roading (to make it look "manly"), and been deemed to invalidate that part of their disclaimer of warranty as a result.And all of the conditions you describe apply to (e.g.) a stove, or a microwave oven, or a kettle. In practice, good engineering means that even though input voltage, temperature, waveforms on my power line, RFI etc are different between your test site and my home, devices still work for their intended purpose. Part of the disclaimers (and perfectly permissible because advertising for these items doesn't suggest otherwise) is that they're meant to work in a domestic or light commercial (office-type) environment, and not in all environments - if I take my kettle to the nearest MRI scanner, it's fine for the disclaimer to kick in and say "no liability if it doesn't work". Open source community split over offer of 'corporate' welfare for criticaldev tools (Register) Posted Dec 7, 2022 19:19 UTC (Wed) by flussence (subscriber, #85566) [Link]

This thread is ridiculous but this line especially cannot be allowed to stand: I am being reminded on a near-constant basis nowadays that media alone does in fact lead to stochastic terrorism.And software can be, and is, used to amplify that effect. Product defects notwithstanding, it is the responsibility of developers to not create more software which is trivial to misuse in that way. Open source community split over offer of 'corporate' welfare for criticaldev tools (Register) Posted Dec 7, 2022 20:10 UTC (Wed) by pizza (subscriber, #46) [Link]


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