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LLMSWs & LLBSWs Needing Supervision

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Lust For Adventure [v7.1]

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Lust for Adventure [v7.1]

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Alchemy Adventure was released on 6th of June, 2014 as a part of v7.1. The game was fairly standard match-three fare, with a few twists on the usual formula. In this game, players could create rows or columns of at least three same-type elements found on the Periodic Table. All six groups from the Table were included in the game, each with its own color and shape. In a fairly unique twist, each tile would also displays a chemical symbol for a specific element, each one accurate to the group that element was found in.

I'm also curious about the GOG question. Is Season 2 going to be available? Seems odd to have half an adventure when both parts are completed. Instead of taking the risk, I just bought them both for $20. Can't wait to promote these and get more people interested.

lemme explain bro,i never came across any avn which had NTR which was justified and showed it nicely executed,in any avn when you try a girl route and follow it,it felt as love,or sometimes lust but you have to treat them nicely to be with them and in the end you have connection which is justified by a good ending.but the reason for hate for the NTR is not just because i hate sharing or another guy fucking girls,it's just because it can't be executed and shown as something that is explainable by any means,it just showcase girls as whore,sluts and as a piece of meat which just wants to be fucked not to be loved,and mostly either male mc is sore looser or female mc is born whore,and even when it is added as avoidable or optional it just destroys the avn since it can never explained on normal terms,even in real life cheating can never be justified even in the sharing it feels empty in these type of avns

Bloodlust is a 2.0/2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by Manix648 and verified and published by knobbelboy.[1] It is a buffed and extended remake of Bloodbath. It is known for its detailed effects and designs, realistic hell-like visuals, and difficult gameplay.

Bloodlust was started shortly after Sonic Wave Infinity was started by Riot, whereas Manix648 was inspired by the idea of creating a 2.0 remake of Bloodbath, just as Riot created a 2.0 remake of Sonic Wave. On March 28, 2016, Manix released the first official preview of Bloodlust, showcasing the Bloodbath-inspired gameplay.[2]

A week later, on April 6, 2016, Manix released a second preview, showing more gameplay and an extremely difficult swing-copter section inspired by Hinds' part in Yatagarasu. Manix also mentioned that the level already reached 69,000 objects, indicating that Bloodlust would be one of the most object-heavy levels in Geometry Dash history.[3]

On April 15, 2016, Quasar released another preview of Bloodlust, buffing some of the parts and showing some of the gameplay.[4] Around two weeks later, on April 30, 2016, Manix released a showcase of the ending animation that Manix himself made, with the Blood Moon from Terraria in the background.[5]

On May 24, 2016, Bloodlust was almost finished. Quasar started practicing the level. He explained in a video that he had final exams and advanced placement exams and his hand severely hurt due to playing too much Geometry Dash, which resulted in him consistently taking breaks from the game. This stress took a lot of toll on him, and on August 16, 2016, Quasar officially quit Geometry Dash due to all the stress.[7]

After Quasar quit Bloodlust, Manix looked for a new verifier and chose knobbelboy, a talented Dutch player and creator known for creating levels such as Dark RainBow Rebirth and Crying Souls. However, many doubted knobbelboy could verify this because the hardest level he had recently beaten was Bloodbath,[8] which had an enormous gap in terms of difficulty in comparison to Bloodlust. However, knobbelboy proved many wrongs when he got a record of 65-92% within a week, which was extremely quick progress and an amazing achievement for a player who had only recently beaten Bloodbath.[9]

knobbelboy got slightly sidetracked after that, due to working on several more projects such as his part for Fusion Z,[10] his part for Subterranean Animism,[11] and beating Athanatos.[12] This meant he had to take a break from Bloodlust and continue his progress in 2017.

After knobbelboy verified Artificial Ideology,[13] an Extreme Demon by Team N2, he continued to practice Bloodlust in March 2017, getting a record of 68% making it to the extension.[14] However, knobbelboy was sidetracked once again, working on another big project - God Eater. Even though his first preview of God Eater did not receive many views,[15] his second preview exploded into popularity,[16] shocking the community with its amazing designs and art and even caused many community members to consider it as the "best Geometry Dash level".

After the God Eater montage controversy, knobbelboy continued to practice Bloodlust, getting a record of 18-85%, an amazing achievement that shocked the community and gained him more support.[17] Then, he took a break from Bloodlust and got a record of 76% approximately two months after the 18-85% run.[18]

Five days after the new record of 76%, knobbelboy got what was then the worst fail in Geometry Dash history - 98% on Bloodlust. This fail demoralized him, and after this, he crashed at 97%, and then he got 97% again. This further demoralized him, but the community continued to support him. However, some people thought knobbelboy was taking too long to verify Bloodlust and wanted a new verifier.[19]

The next day, Crazen achieved 52% on his own Low Detail Mode version of Bloodlust.[21] But he also revealed why he was practicing Bloodlust, claiming that knobbelboy was taking too long to verify Bloodlust and he would verify his copy himself. He defended himself by saying that knobbelboy stole Fusion Z from Manix and now he would steal Bloodlust from knobbelboy as payback for stealing Fusion Z. This divided the community into two sides - knobbelboy's, who disagreed with Crazen attempting to steal the level and another side, Crazen's, who agreed that knobbelboy was taking too long and Crazen should replace him.[22]

Eventually, Crazen apologized to knobbelboy for the whole incident and dropped Bloodlust, leaving knobbelboy to verify the level. Even though some still wanted Crazen to verify, on February 20, 2018, after nearly two years of drama and turmoil, knobbelboy finally verified Bloodlust after 121,296 attempts, which at the time was the most attempts spent on a single level by a player.[1] Several players started practicing Bloodlust before it was verified, including Sunix and Crazen.

The placement of Plasma Pulse Finale and Bloodlust on the Demonlist was formerly debated, with prominent players such as EndLevel and Skullo suggesting that the former should move to #1. Quickly after the beginning of this debate, Plasma Pulse Finale received an Insane Demon community rating instead of the well-fit Extreme Demon. This occurrence is likely due to players supporting Bloodlust's triumphant ranking purposely incorrectly rating Plasma Pulse Finale to "prove" that Bloodlust is the hardest level. Although, there is little proof of this. Fortunately, this change was quickly reverted, leaving both levels at a community rating of Extreme Demon. 041b061a72


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