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Magazin - Put Putujem - (Audio 1986) HD

During the 1980s, Huljić continued working and achieving success with songs produced for Magazin. In 1985, the song "Piši mi", performed at the Zagreb Festival of Contemporary Music achieved wide commercial success. The eponymous album from which the song was taken received a platinum certification, selling a total of 380.000 copies. In 1986, Magazin released their fifth studio album titled Put putujem which received a diamond certification, sold 670.000 copies and produced several hit singles including "Put putujem", "Ti si želja mog života" and "Tri sam ti zime šaptala ime".[7] The following year brought several awards to the group including in the categories for Best Group, Best Pop Song and Hit of the Year. Besane noći was recorded and released in 1988 through the record label Jugoton. It was a commercial success, receiving a diamond certification from the Croatian Phonographic Industry and spawning several hit singles including the title track, "Suze krijem, one padaju", "Kad u vojsku pođeš", "Ej, ponoći" and "Oči crne, oči lažne". The following album, titled Dobro jutro was released in 1989 and received a diamond certification. Singles released from the album include "Ljube se dobri, loši, zli", "Sijaj zvijezdo Danice", "Balkanska ulica", "Rano, ranije" and "Čekala je jedna žena". The album marked the last record the group recorded with lead singer Ljiljana Nikolovska who decided to leave the group and continue living in the United States.[7]

Magazin - Put putujem - (Audio 1986) HD



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