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Windows 10 Final 22H2 X64 En-US (Dec) Untouched ISO Free Download [WORK]

Hello, I am an bit of an amateur but can be semi technical with the right instructions. I have and Acer Inspire R7 that is Windows 8.1. I just replaced hd with ssd and upgraded memory as well. It was very simple. I then used my external hard drive that has my recovery on it. It all loaded fine and seemed to work well. I had upgraded to windows 10 prior with no problem but laptop was a bit slow so got another laptop which I am iffy about. So decided to update this old acer R7 one I like. It had been reformatted. But recovery went well on ssd and windows 8.1 seemed fine. Now I am trying to figure out how to get windows 10 free back on my laptop. I have found Create Windows 10 Installation Media - has a download tool which I used. All seemed to go very well until it got to the 73% install and got a box that said Windows 10 installation has failed. Never asked me if I wanted to update anything, it just went straight to Window 10 installation. I do have my updates set to let me pick what is to be updated. I have tried a couple fixes, restarts, etc... only with the exact same outcome. 4 x I have tried. I see your instructions above but they are just a little hard for me to understand. Is there a way you can do a more specific with step by step instructions? I am so frustrated as even this new laptop had no issue with windows 10 or 11 upgrade. I can't afford to have someone look at it. But I will keep plugging away as I feel I can figure it out with the right steps. I am wondering if the new ssd could have anything to do with it? Appreciate any help if you can.

Windows 10 Final 22H2 x64 en-US (Dec) untouched ISO Free Download

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