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Best Buy Springfield Missouri Phone Number !!HOT!!

Thanks for reaching out to us on the community forums. We do not have sales of items not picked up. The items go back to the floor to be sold as unopened. As for contacting the store, we only have the phone hub at (888) 237-8289. There are no local phone numbers.

best buy springfield missouri phone number

I totally agree that visiting the store IS the best option. HOWEVER, it's not easy to drive 30-45 minutes one way to each store just to find out if it is still there. The point of being able to call is that at least I know it is there when I leave my house/work to go to the store, and hope I am the first one there to buy it. According to the store employees at three different local Best Buys here in Phoenix, they don't advertise when the GPUs don't get picked up, so checking to see if it is available online doesn't work either. They are the ones suggesting to call to verify it is available before driving all the way to find out it was picked up afterall. I used to work for Best Buy for many years, accepting phone calls at the store level is still something that could be easily done - they have the manpower to answer phones, they just choose not to allow it anymore. It's a step in the wrong direction for Best Buy's customer service goals, IMHO.

I went in to best buy to buy a new phone and to get the free headphones. I ask the sales representative about purchasing the Samsung galaxy s10e and asked if the headphones were included and doubled checked. She said "yes". So I said ok. I'll buy the phone. We got throught everything and told me to pick them up in couple of days. So I did but when it came to ordering the headphones, it wouldn't work. They told me that I had to purchase the s10 or the s10+ in order to get the headphone. I have been calling best buy for 3 days and trying to get corporate on the phone was a horrible experience. I finally got throught and they told me that its not their fault. The girl had the information wrong. Ok? But that's not my fault too. I was promised the headphones and if I had known to purchase the other phone then I would of. This is the worst experience I've had and had to deal with at best buy. Why do people have to go through wasting their time to try to get help. Nobody cares they just keep sending to a different department. It shouldnt be this hard to get help

I visted your mesquite location on town crossing. I was purchasing a prepaid phone and employee and I ask if he could get the phone that's what I want to purchase at that time Preceded to let me know He didn't work in that Department and that he had to go get em ployee from that de apartment He came back with the key unlock the gate for the phone and escored my phone to the cashier I had just broken my phone About 15 minutes So I decided after purchased the phone with go to the counter that was empty next to cashier that I had just checked out with and at that time to took my old SIM card out of my old phone into the new phone just in case the phone that b ought did not work with t phone I could take it back at that time when I was still standing there cacrcasion had also purchased a phone but they have their phone in their hand at that time the cashier said that the total would be $150 which was Not without the protection plan that with the protection plan ever gonna be around 200 something now keep in mind I purchased a phone for 28 dollars and my phone was to taken to thc cashier I am a black African American female I feel like I was racially profiled at the store at this time at looking at the couple that purchased the phone that they took to the counter by there self I notice that the lady had a baby in the stroller and also carried a big baby bag and also a big purse which could basically take the whole store if she really wanted to do was a lot of things in there keep in mind I came in with nothing but my shirt and pants on m money in my back pocket with phone Time so I have nothing to say anything him and I can understand why I would Treated that way in the store in my my phone with taking to the front counter to the cashier to winco at that time with the couples up there with another cacacsin men in line also purchasing a phone over $30 Also a white man the couple before that was also cacusion He was not takeng to counter with his phone nor with the phone to the cashier it in time I did speak to a manager at that time in hand sure about it A day later I still didn't feel comfortable about the situation and I called again encountered another manager that said that they will get back in touch with me at my number is something found out any informationI waited waited waited no phone call for next day I'll call Again and other manager which was a lady at the time with me explaining what happened she cut me off and laughed I asked talk to another manager she put them on the phone which I let him know before we started the conversation that his manager about thought it was funny I would like for someone to get back in touch with me at that phone number 9034019523

I sent a complaint letter out to you yesterday. Last night I received a call from Michael at around 7:30 pm. I could not answer the call because I was on the phone with an urgent call from my grandson regarding this very problem with his laptop.. It seems that his professor has requested that everyone bring their laptop with them to class on Monday morning. This presents another problem for him. Michael was suppose to call be back in 30 minutes the voicemail said. I wish he would have left me his extension number so I could return his call. I have been waiting around for him to call me back. It a new day at 1:15 in the afternoon. Now I am still aggravated and still waiting. Please tell Michael he is not very good at his job or he lost his watch.

Here are some of the things I did not appreciate as a customer. When she removed the item (AirPod) from the enclosure, she would not allow me to view or to handle the item and insisted that she had to carry the item to the register because it is Best Buy store policy #434. So, a customer can only read what he or she is purchasing after the fact is what I am interpreting. Secondly, when Alyssa was tallying my order, there were several prompts I answered, and each time she pointed out what button I needed to press to proceed. There are several options to select from, therefore, as a customer, I have the right to review before selecting. In addition, she insisted that I had to provide an address to continue with the purchase after providing an email address. This I challenged and finally, she entered Best Buy at 4707 Valley View Blvd NW address. I thought my son phone number and email I provided was sufficient since he was going to be the owner of the music device.

more like "Worst Buy". You don't need my name, address, phone number, email or any other bit of personal information for me to make a purchase. This is how purchases work: I place an item on the counter, you tell me how much I owe you, I pay it, I take item and leave. PERIOD. You have zero need for my personal info and zero right to even ask for it to start with. I though the little bitch would get the hint after I said "Do you need my Social Security number and blood type too?" but no, the dumb little bitch just kept asking for info, so I just said "Can I just give you my money and leave?"

For the first time I had to use the geek squad repair, I have been a fan of best buy until now, I drive a school bus and the 4 hr window is not very customer friendly, My washing machine was having issues, and I tried to change my home number to my cell so I could maybe talk to the driver, not a robot, I am off from 10 to 1pm every day, kind of in the middle of the 2 repair sessions, I was unable to get off from work and had to ask my 86 yr old mother to drive over because Nathan never changed my home number to my cell, and I didnt want to miss my appt. People have jobs, why dont you have a late session, you claim 24/7 , I would have had to wait 2 wks for a Sat. I tried to talk to a manager, I called several times got disconected several times. I was finally able to talk to Nathan, to maybe get scheduled not the first appt. he said he changed the contact number which didnt happen when I got my robo call the night before on my home phone, Nathan was robotically apologetic, in fact everyone I talked to was nauseatingly robotically apologetic, to the point I no longer believed them. I was very pleased that Vincent was able to repair my machine in one visit, so I didnt have to wait any longer for doing laundry, but I will seriously have to consider buying the extended warrenty on my next purchase unless something changes. 041b061a72


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