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Autodata 3.42

our collaboration with thoma bravo is a natural fit, said craig jennings, president of autodata solutions. thoma bravo brings a wealth of industry experience and we look forward to its support as we lead autodata into the next chapter.

Autodata 3.42

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we are a private company, but we also understand the importance of being open and transparent with our customers and with the media, said john park, president of autodata solutions. we are excited about the future and we look forward to working with thoma bravo to continue to grow the company.

as technological innovation drives massive change within the automotive industry, we believe autodata solutions group is well positioned to be at the forefront of that future, said scott crabill, a managing partner at thoma bravo. our operational knowledge within the software industry and ability to leverage resources can only enhance the company's unique data-driven solutions and interactive marketing initiatives.

autodata 3.42 is an advanced vehicle-information system and content distribution service provider in the automotive industry. it is a leading provider of automotive content and services to nearly half of all new vehicles sold in the united states. autodata solutions help automotive dealers and aftermarket retailers increase sales of new and used vehicles. this helps them to meet their business objectives,

autodata solutions group, headquartered in los angeles, is a leading provider of automotive content and services, with revenues of more than $750 million. operating worldwide from more than 50 offices in north america, south america, europe, the middle east, africa, the asia-pacific region, and the asia-pacific region, autodata solutions group's flagship automotive content and services businesses include autodata solutions, which provides automotive content and services to the automotive industry; autodata solutions for the web, which provides data and analytical tools to auto dealers and aftermarket retailers; and autodata solutions for mobile, which provides mobile content and services to automotive dealers and aftermarket retailers. as the information and services market in the automotive industry continues to evolve, autodata solutions group is committed to providing our customers with the leading automotive content and services to increase their market share.


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