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Buy Duo Hardware Token PORTABLE

Duo Security reserves the right to not ship to additional locations not listed above. If you have questions about shipping tokens to a specific country, please contact your Duo Sales representative or submit a request using this form.

buy duo hardware token

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For security reasons, Duo hardware token orders may not be cancelled, suspended, changed or returned. This includes changes to delivery location or quantity. Hardware tokens cannot be returned except pursuant to warranties.

To purchase a Duo Hard Token from Tech Hub, please visit our store on the Columbus campus, or give us a call at 614-292-8883. The cost of a token is currently $25. Shipping via USPS would be an additional $6. Unfortunately, we do not have method in place for buying tokens online at this time.

Please note, Tech Hub is able to activate tokens in-store at time of purchase as long as a picture ID is provided. All other users requiring activation of a token will either need to call the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP), or make an appointment at a BuckeyeBar location.

Duo two-step login protects your personal information and the university's data by ensuring you are you when you login to your OSU account. It works because it relies on something that only you know (your password) and something that you have (a mobile device, hardware token, etc).

The steps in this article are for first time Duo sign-up with a hardware token. If you are already signed up for Duo and want to add a hardware token as an additional device, please see Duo - Manage Your Devices instead.

Refer to this article for instructions on how to import TOTP hardware tokens to your DUO account. You can also convert your existing seeds in base32 format (i.e. the Azure MFA compatible CSV files) to Duo compatible format (with seeds in hex) using this PowerShell script.

In addition to programmable TOTP tokens, Token2 FIDO2 Keys with HOTP support can also be used. If HOTP method is enabled on the device, the OTP digits will be sent automatically via HID USB interface when the button on the key is pressed/touched.

A hardware token is a keyfob-like device where you press a button to generate a one-time passcode for use in the second step of logging in. Hardware tokens are an option for situations where using a landline, cell phone, or other mobile device with Two-Step Login is not feasible.

A hardware token can be used by only one person at a time. When you enroll a token, any previous enrollment under a different NetID will be deleted. On the other hand, you can enroll multiple tokens for use under your NetID.

Hardware tokens for use with Two-Step Login are available for individual or departmental purchase through The Cornell Store. The tokens sold by The Cornell Store are supplied by Duo Security, the company whose technology underlies Two-Step Login. Only these tokens will work with Two-Step Login.

To transfer a token, you can simply give your token to someone else and they will be able to enroll it for use with their NetID. Once the other person has enrolled the token under their NetID, you will no longer be able to log in with it. A hardware token can only be used by one person at a time.

As a safety measure, you should delete a hardware token from your Two-Step Login account before transferring the token to someone else, or before returning it to your department. See Remove a Device for more information.

If the token generates anything other than a passcode, it is considered defective. Duo will replace a token for up to six months after purchase. Unfortunately, since The Cornell Store purchases tokens in bulk, by the time a person obtains one, the warranty has expired. The only solution for a defective token is to buy a new one, or ask your department to replace the token.

Depending on inventory availability there may be a 2 to 4 week delay on deliveries.Your York account will be automatically adjusted to ensure that you have adequate time to receive the token before you are required to set up 2FA.

Students will be charged $36.95 (includes shipping in Canada). This is a one time charge with no additional fees attached. Students who require assistance getting a 2FA token can email for a special discount code. Do not use the Staff and Faculty coupon code.

A hardware token is a device that generates number codes you can enter to complete Duo multifactor authentication. The hardware tokens are similar in size to a USB drive and can be carried on a keychain. Network connectivity is not required for tokens to work, making them ideal options if you do not have cell service or do not want to have your phone with you to login.

Please contact your TSP, local IT support, or the STC as appropriate to let them know and they will remove the token from your account so it cannot be used to login. They can also facilitate the delivery of a replacement hardware token.

A Duo hardware token is also called a key fob, which is a small device that you can attach to your keychain. If you have a Duo key fob, when you go to log in, you will be expected to enter a code that appears on your key fob to complete the login process.

If you are an active NJIT employee, faculty or staff, you may request a free Duo hardware token from the IST Service desk. Note - Employees must request/pick up their hardware token following the Hardware Token Request process. (See the Duo Hardware Token Request Form). Please log in with your ucid to access the request form.

Duo tokens, are small plastic devices that can generate a pass code used with Duo. They are available for order via Duo Hardware Token Order Form. Each token lasts about two years and your department will be charged $40.00 per key requested.

Note: Registration is not completed immediately. There is a process that runs every 15 minutes. Users will receive email confirmation from the UO Service Portal when their token is ready for use. If token registration fails, staff will provide support in the order tickets are received.

The image below is an example to indicate where to find your serial number. If you do not have a physical token in your hand right now, please read in the Service Description above about how to pick up your own token.

What is a Duo hardware token, and how do I get one?Duo supports standalone, one-time password hardware tokens for two-factor authentication. A hardware token is a small device on which a passcode is generated and then used to authorize access to protected applications and websites through the Duo prompt.

Duo hardware tokens are only available to active employees, students and medical affiliates. You can request a Duo hardware token in the Rowan Support Portal. Once you have your hardware token, follow our instructions for enrolling a Duo hardware token in Rowan NetID.

Personal mobile devices offer the most secure and convenient method of using Duo. Members of the Rowan Community are strongly encouraged to use the Duo Mobile app on their personal mobile devices. Other than access to your camera to scan QR codes, the Duo Mobile app requires no access to the private data on your device.If, for some reason, using your personal device is not possible, you do have other options. You can enroll as many phone numbers in the system as you choose. If you have a direct line, you may register your office phone. You may also register your home phone number or other phone numbers you have access to wherever it is you may need to log in to Rowan University services. You may register your SMS capable mobile device without installing the Duo Mobile app, which will allow you complete Duo authentication requests via SMS. You may also request a hardware token, a device that will generate a passcode that can be used when logging into Duo.

Instead of using your password, you will enter a 4-digit, unique PIN that you choose when signing up for BoilerKey, then a comma and the 6-digit code generated when you press the button on the hardware token.

You must not attempt to alter, circumvent, or otherwise tamper with the BoilerKey hardware token. Do not corrupt, deface, or damage the token. The token has no replaceable parts, including its battery.

For those who cannot use the Duo Mobile app, hardware token purchases are funded by Information and Technology Services (ITS). This program provides 5 hardware token options, all of which are available by request through Tech Shop. Limit one funded hardware token per individual.

The CCIT Support Center will have Duo D-100 hardware tokens available for $20 plus $1.40 tax. These devices are the preferred alternative to a mobile device or phone because they will work for any situation or application. In the event a student or employee does not have a suitable mobile device or landline, these can be purchased at the CCIT help desk. It is our suggestion for employees that the department purchase this token for their employee. If the employee later leaves, the token can be returned to the department and assigned to another user. Accepted forms of payment are credit/debit cards or an Interdepartmental Order (IDO)

Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase a personal YubiKey to be used for 2FA. A list of model prices and feature comparisons can be found on the vendor's website here: -hardware/. If you purchase another model that supports event-based HOTP, a Duo admin will need to enroll the device for you. This can be done in the CCIT Support Center. 041b061a72


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