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Social Workers Takeover Instagram!

Happy National Social Workers month everyone! This years theme is Social Workers are Essential! This statement have never been more true than it is in the current climate we live in. Our services are not only essential to the people and communities we serve, but to each other as well!

Many Social Workers everywhere have created Instagram pages, like ours (@SocialWork_Connect), to help and inspire current and future social workers! What better way to start National Social Work Month than a blog honoring all of their hard work! From podcasts to self-care and funny memes, these accounts bring much needed help and relief to Social Workers. Take a look at some of the amazing Social Work Instagram accounts below and show them some love! Click the Instagram handle in each page description to check out their pages!

Social Work Podcasts


Facilitating Voices (@facilitating_voices) is an outlet podcast where we discuss difficult topics surrounding mental health, social justice issues, interview other social workers and listen to people’s real life experiences and exposures to trauma. We aim to bring awareness to the different fields of social work through interviewing social workers from around the world with diverse experiences. Facilitating Voices also provides an outlet and safe space for individuals to share their personal stories.

We (@pathwaytosocialworkpod) are four social workers from Northern California who will be helping you navigate the social work field and we will also shared our own experiences and stories. We will discuss mental health, social work, graduate school, and even have guests that we will interview. The reason we started this was to share the large amount of information that’s out there and help navigate the journey to becoming a social worker and what it’s like working in mental health and public service.

Your 5 min social bubble (@your5minsocialbubble) is a podcast and Instagram page, in this page I'll share my journey into social work(I'm a first year student), random knowledge in a unique way and I'll interview some experts.

Social Work Sunday Tea (@social_work_sunday_tea_) is a Mental Health Video Podcasting Service, where mental health is being normalize. Social Work Sunday Tea will give detailed positive information for everyone regarding social services as well as giving insight of the life of a Social Worker. Social Work Sunday Tea have Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Educators and Psychologist to provide vital information on various Topics. We discuss topics such as Depression, Self Sabotage Behavior, Narcissistic Behavior, Power of Attorney of Health ,Homemaker Services, Choosing a Nursing Home, Mental illness, Difficult Families and More Join and Be apart of Social Work Sunday Tea 💜 You can find us on Facebook and You Tube LIVE every Sunday at 4:00pm CST.

Financial Help & Advice


Social workers can make a difference and a living! ( gives social workers ideas to increase our salaries, to earn side money, to pay off debt, and improve our personal finances so we can get out of poverty 🙂. Social workers are some of the most generous people who give outrageously. was created out of a desire to give back to social workers and to help you all DREAM YOUR BEST LIFE, THEN WIN AT IT!

Resources, Self-Care & Clubs


Social Work Café (@Socialworkcafe) is a club that was created on Clubhouse's social media platform. The club was created to give social workers a space where they can network and discuss different topics. Also to share experiences, challenges, and best practices. Currently, we have 4.2K members and 803 followers. The club is open for all the club members to use. Some of the topics we have discussed so far are test prep, making money in the SW field, men in the social workspace, and monthly check-ins.

"Hello, my name is Nyema Murray, BSW, host of Our Social Talks (@oursocialtalks). Our Social Talks is an interactive and digital community that supports and aids in the readiness of social workers and other mental health professionals. We will be discussing topics such as mental health, racism, and professional development. With each episode, we strive to build a community of strong, supportive, and well rounded mental health service providers. OST is a flexible and living program designed to keep up with society. So if you have a topic that you are interested, let me know and I'll work towards finding speakers on that."

Stephanie is a licensed certified social worker in the state of South Dakota. She does trauma therapy with a wide range of ages, but enjoys working with teens and the LGBTQ+ community. Stephanie runs The Social Worker’s Bookshelf (@the_social_workers_bookshelf) where she shares her love for mental health books and resources. The focus of this page is to help connect mental health professionals with resources to better themselves and their practice. The Social Worker’s Bookshelf offers in depth reviews of books and products to help individuals get a better idea of the possible resource. The Social Worker’s Bookshelf can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Self Caring MSW (@selfcaringmsw) was established in 2016 as a self care resource to promote mental wellness for helping professionals and non-professionals alike. At Self Caring MSW, you’ll find examples of self care activities categorized in stories to allow quick access to the type of self care you need, when you need it. The self care skills and resources on Self Caring MSW can be used as a guide on your journey to self care and should not be a substitute for therapy or mental health treatment. Start your self care journey today by following @selfcaringMSW for tips on taking the best care of yourself because you deserve it!

Education, Awareness & Empowerment


We (@blm.sw) are a student run organization that is also the first Black student organization at Baylor's Garland School of Social Work. Our page is to foster community, promote networking opportunities, and highlight Black excellence in academics.​ Through our posts, we hope to provide information that allow people to continue educating themselves as well as teach others through anti-racist practices. We also highlight and promote the NASW core value of dignity and worth of all people.

Las Social Workers ( is used to bring awareness to the field of social work, mental health, advocacy, provide bilingual psycho education to break the stigma and provide support and knowledge on key societal issues. It’s run by four strong, educated, Latina who have MSWs and share a passion for social work.

Blackfreud_ish (@blackfreud_ish) is an IG blog committed to eradicating the stigma of mental health in the African American community. Through posts centered around African American culture, trauma, and community, @blackfreud_ish attempts to address barriers that have prevented many African Americans from seeking mental health support. Our goal is to simply normalize mental health in the African American community.

Hi Social Workers! We are prospective, current, and future social workers from all walks of life. @csulb_msw provides a safe space that unites and encourages all social workers. @csulb_msw offers information and awareness regarding mental health as well as the wonderful field of social work. We celebrate one another’s wins to encourage and uplift one another to continue fighting the good fight. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We are here to support you all. Together, we truly are stronger.

Humor & Relief


“This (@sarcasticsocialworker) is a safe space for all social workers to get a laugh and realize that they aren’t the only ones going to hell for their dark sense of humor 😂. Our jobs are often tough, thankless, and exhausting. A healthy sense of humor and feeling like others “get you” and know where you’ve coming from goes a long way.”

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