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What Book Should You Use to Prep for the Exam?

When it comes to the Social Work Licensure exam, they are very specific about what information they want you to know and what they are going to ask you about. The worst thing you can do is start to study from books and articles that you have from school! It is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused on what topics to focus on this way. Its all about studying smarter, not harder! When it comes to studying for the exam, the Social Work ASWB Exam Guides and Practice Tests by Dawn Apgar should be the only informational sources you use. Of course there are other tools that can be used as well depending on how you learn/study best, like Quizlet!

There are versions of the book for both, the Clinical exam and the Advanced Generalist exam. There are also different versions for MSWs and BSWs. I will link them from Amazon below! However, be sure to check out the community forum! Many times, there are those who passed the exam looking to sell their copies!

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