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What Can You do with a Social Work degree?

When people think of Social Workers, the only thing that comes to their head is CPS and children being ripped away from their parents. Not only is that wrong in terms of what CPS workers do, but it is only a small aspect of where Social Workers actually work and can be found! There is a Social Worker in every field you go into! From schools and social service organizations to the military and politics. There really is no end to the possibilities when it comes to working with your Social Work degree, whether it be a BSW or MSW. The difficulty is in choosing what field YOU want to go into.

In school, you will likely be asked to choose between Micro (Clinical & Interpersonal) and Macro (Community, Leadership, Policy, etc.). It is important to remember that just because you picked one during our studies, it des not mean you cannot work in the other fields! For example, I specialized in Community, Leadership and Policy with a focus on Nonprofits during my MSW. Yet I am now working as a SW/Support Coordinator with individuals who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities! So you are not stuck with one job/career route once you graduate, there is a lot of flexibility to move around within the field of Social Work.

Let’s take a look at some of the different jobs/positions you can hold within specific Micro & Macro categories!

Micro Social Work

Child and family workers

Case Manager Family Therapist Clinician Foster Care Specialist

Counselor Family Intervention Specialist Crisis Counselor

Children’s Service Specialist Support Coordinator Housing Specialist

Healthcare Workers

Medical SW Outpatient SW Patient Advocacy Bereavement SW Home Healthcare SW


Veterans Clinical SW Military Base Counselor

School social workers

Academic Advisors (College & University) K - 12 Social Workers

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Addictions Counselor Outpatient Manager

Macro Social Work

Community Organizers

Grant Writer Urban/Social Planner Nonprofit & Grassroots Organizations

Social Justice Advocate Community Education

Public Policy/Advocate

Policy Analyst Working w/ local gov. officials

Social and Community Service Managers

Team Leader Social Services Director Program Supervisor/Manager

Program Director Outreach Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator

Public Official

Running for Public Office (Congress, City Council, etc.) Community Advocate

Research & Quality

Quality Control Manager Program Evaluator

These are only a few of the specialties and jobs that can be held by social workers in the Micro & Macro fields! What position do you hold as a Social Worker! Leave a comment and let us know!

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